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Ok so I'm usually not a fan of Chinese food but my family digs it sooo.... I read the reviews on this place. It's close to my house. I gave it a go. WOW OH WOW!!! Not only did the ordering go well. They delivered in 25 minutes. The food was hot & fresh. Tasty too. Nothing had those globs of thick gross sauce. This was just a little to coat food & right on point. It seemed home made!!! We ordered the general tsao. It was more like pan fried than deeply fries with all that beading. Delicious!! We ordered honey chicken. It was coated slightly to taste the honey garlic sauce but not enough to drench chicken & become soggy. Delicious!!! We order udon chicken. Absolutely perfect. It tasted just like yaki udon at a Japanese. BOMB!! On point in every way. 5 stars. - Christine G., Fort Lauderdale, FL (Yelp.Com)

Didn't get to come here as much as I wanted back when I lived in Pembroke Pines. Anyhow, the service here is phenomenal. The waiters and manager treat you really well. The place accommodates large and small groups. The food was incredible. I always came for the Dim Sum which was awesome! - Jessica P., Boca Raton, FL (Yelp.Com)

After checking out about a dozen Chinese restaurants in the area I finally selected this one as my choice. The Ginger Scallion Fish is exceptional. So is the chicken (or shrimp) in Black Bean Sauce, and the Curry Shrimp. Service is excellent, and the place is clean and inviting. - Alan B., Fort Lauderdale, FL (Yelp.Com)

I just absolutely LOVE this place. The food delivered is JUST as superb as what we get served in the actual restaurant. Service is fast and friendly. Clean and quiet environment. Food is reasonably priced. AND EVERYTHINGS DELICIOUS! - Jessica I., Plantation, FL (Yelp.Com)

It's been forever since I've written an updated review despite coming here on a weekly basis. I've recently had them cater for my work at a nearby hospital and they did a fabulous job for Susan G Komen/breast cancer awareness. Had them cater for nursing week too. Worked with me regarding the quantity and prices were reasonable in comparison to other restaurants. we ordered large quantities of fried rice, ribs, egg rolls, and sweet and sour chicken! Our staff was happy with the food and there was plenty to spare. - Krista L., Fort Lauderdale, FL (Yelp.Com)

My favorite Chinese delivery place around. Also has great lunch specials if you feel like going to them. I love that you can order online. You can see the full menu, pricing, and options as well as know their policies for delivery (and fees) Plus, sometimes language barriers can make orders come out wrong-so this is easy. I also like using a credit card to order since I rarely carry cash, so this is all over a great thing in my book. The delivery was swift and my food was hot and plentiful. There is a $10 minimum for delivery, so I have plenty of leftovers-but Chinese tastes good 2nd day. I love their fried rice and they have good soup too. This is not the cheapest place, but it's obvious in the taste of the food. I'm not sure/didn't check if they have sushi. I don't get chinese food all too often, but when I do, this is where I order from. - Alyssa K., Fort Lauderdale, FL (Yelp.Com)

This place is phenomenal! I use this place as a conversation piece whenever anyone wants to try a new restaurant or is a fan of Chinese food. I love the beef with garlic sauce or their general tao's chicken. My fiancé enjoys classics like special fried rice (no shrimp) and honey garlic chicken. The last time we came here for dinner, we tried the combination dinner specials to our delight; they put more food in front of you than you can handle: soup, egg roll, fried rice and your entree! I would definitely recommend Pink Buddha to anyone; come one, come all! - Matthew P., Hollywood, FL (Yelp.Com)

My cousin and I go here time to time and always order off the dim sum menu. Everything is authentic. Definitely the best dim sum I've had in florida, and 2nx best behind Pink Buddah would be the toa toa place in sunrise. I love eating here. - Shaan M., Pompano Beach, FL (Yelp.Com)

Awesome food, great service, friendly staff! The dim sum is delicious here, especially since it's hard to find decent dim sum anywhere in florida. I have not been disappointed with any dishes I've tried so far, but my go to is the honey walnut shrimp. - Eileen J., Kissimmee, FL (Yelp.Com)

This is my favorite Chinese restaurant by far. I've been a regular for 5 years, and I always come back for my favorite dish whenever I come home from college. The owner knows my order by heart so whenever I order take out, it takes less than five minutes. The staff is very friendly and accommodating, especially the lady that's always at the register! Their lunch specials are great; I always order the orange chicken with white rice and egg drop soup for only $7! Very tasty and affordable for a college student. I can't say enough nice things about it. - Elizabeth B., Cooper City, FL (Yelp.Com)

Favorite Chinese food in all of South Florida! They remember my name and will custom make my favorite dish for me every time I'm there. The whole family loves their food and this is coming from a picky, New York family used to great Chinese up north. Love it at Pink Buddha! - Paige I., Miami Beach, FL (Yelp.Com)

Best Chinese restaurant in town!! I have tried many Chinese restaurants in the area and none of them can compare to this place. Their food is always delicious and for the price you can't beat it. We always order from the combination menu. Also, the lady at the counter is really nice. - Lincy A., Hollywood, FL (Yelp.Com)

Enjoyed every second. Great food lovely presentation. Nice service. Prices are good. Keep on the good work :) - Ben Rasuly (Google.Com)

This restaurant has extremely friendly service and quality Chinese food, but I enjoy it for the amazing Dim Sum menu. I would suggest anyone in the area to come and have a meal. It features a beautiful fish aquarium as well and has a few tv's if you want to watch a sporting event just let the hostess know. - Peter M. (Google.Com)

I've been to other chinese restaurants in the Davie area and nothing compares to this one. I love the quality of the food and service. The owners are really welcoming each time I go and never fails to meet my expectations. My favorite dish is the stuffed eggplant, honey walnut shrimp, and general tsos chicken. I would definitely recommend this place! If you want to get fresh good quality chinese food, this place is it!!! - Emily Tam (Google.Com)

I'm all about going for reviews but decided to give this place a chance. It seems like there's mixed reviews here but I can never pass up a Chinese restaurant so close to my new house. We recently moved here from up north and haven't been able to find somewhere to satisfy our local Chinese food cravings. Our first time there, we ordered to go. It had a few tables in there (Sunday morning) but we wanted to get food to go for football Sunday (mainly I didn't have to cook). We had the boneless spare ribs, crab Rangoon, special fried rice, and salt and pepper jumbo shrimp. Everything we ordered was really good and fresh. The boys were happy with the food and prices were comparable to nearby restaurants. Next Sunday ill be ordering again, but for delivery! - Orange Blue (Google.Com)

I have been eating at this restaraunt for more than 12 years. I am originally from NY where the best Chinese Food is served. My husband and I love the delicious food excellent quality of their fresh meat and very large Shrimp. Large portions. Also, we have tried every chinese rest in the area this is the best. In my opinion the bad reviews aka 1 star must be their competition trying to lure potential customers. One review even gave them their address. For AMAZING food excellent service and reasonable prices this is your Chinese Connection Great for first date good impression or business lunch. Atmosphere nice and staff is great! - Daisy Vanderlaan (Google.Com)


Always a great place, unless it's Tuesday. ..they are closed on Tuesdays - Jim Still-Pepper (Google.Com)

We try to go at once a week. Our favorite takeout in the area. - Gabriel Cabanas (Google.Com)

This restaurant has the best Chinese food. If you ask, they will even cook something special. If it's not on the menu, just ask! Great service and friendly. - Kenny Dunn (Google.Com)

Great Food/Value!!! Ok, I must apologize for my bias, but I have gone to Pink Buddah here and there for the last few years and decided to try another local Chinese restaurant down the road (Jade Garden). Comparatively Pink Buddah is EXCELLENT! I always get either the Honey Garlic Chicken or the Schezuan Chicken and it's delicious. The staff are very nice and the price is good too! I don't remember how much I paid the last time at Pink Buddah, but my jaw dropped when I paid over $16+ at that other place! OK, so there it is....sorry I ventured out, but I shall be returning! lol - Randy Rodriguez-Torres (Google.Com)

Best BBQ Ribs, if you are looking for New York Style Chinese this is the place to have a great dinner. - Partyspecialists (Google.Com)

Without question, the BEST Chinese food in Floriduh - HARRY B. Lebowitz (Google.Com)

Just fantastic, you need to come here. - Michael Woodham (Google.Com)